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Patient Testimonials

Dr. TJ Miller was the second periodontist to do a tissue graft on my two front bottom teeth. The first periodontist tried twice and failed both times. I was a little worried the third time would fail as well. It didn't. My two bottom teeth look so much better and the gap is gone as well.

Not only was Miller successful but I had the greatest experience ever. They knew I liked country music and made sure it was playing during my surgery, I was in a chair that also did a massage, I was cold and they gave me a blanket, plus when my heart started to race Miller stopped what he was doing and calmed me down before continuing the graft surgery.

I have never felt so cared for. I highly HIGHLY recommend this office and if I need anything else done I will be back. Wish I had gone to him sooner than wasting my time with the first periodontist.

-Mandie L