A Single Missing Tooth Can Trigger a Domino Effect of Dental Issues

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Missing Teeth Causes Complications

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70% of Adults Have Lost At Least One Tooth

By age 44, nearly 70% of American adults have lost at least one tooth due to trauma, decay, or periodontal disease. An estimated 178 million people in the U.S. are missing at least one tooth, a statistic expected to continue growing over the next 20 years due to the growth of periodontal disease.

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Dangers of Bridges and Partials

There are many disadvantages of choosing a fixed or partial denture over dental implants, including:

  • Removable and fixed partials or bridges can cause jawbone atrophy
  • Partials can be uncomfortable or loose
  • Difficulty eating or speaking clearly
  • Increased tooth sensitivity
  • Increased risk for root canal therapy
  • Increased risk of additional tooth loss

Replace Missing Teeth in Worthington, OH

Missing teeth in adults leads many to seek out a solution for tooth replacement. The majority of adults are missing teeth to either decay or periodontal disease. Dr. TJ Miller II offers a variety of solutions for missing teeth in adults including single dental implants, partial dentures and dental bridges.

For patients who are missing one tooth, a single dental implant may be the most effective treatment. The implant is placed into the jaw bone, mimicking the structure of an actual tooth. The dental crown placed over the implant looks and feels like a natural tooth and requires no additional maintenance beyond your regular dental hygiene routine.

Dental bridges are an alternative to dental implants as a solution for missing teeth in adults. Made of three parts, a dental bridge is a permanent solution. The middle unit, the crown, spans the space of the missing tooth. The other two parts are end units, bonded to your natural teeth and used to anchor the bridge. Two natural teeth surrounding the missing tooth are ground down and used as a stable foundation for the dental bridge.

Partial dentures are an option for replacing a single missing tooth. A partial, removable denture, has an artificial tooth attached to a plastic base. The apparatus is held in place with metal clasps. Patient satisfaction is very low with this option. The low satisfaction rate is due to the impermanence, or removability, and it does not look as natural as other options.

Individual dental implants may be the preferred method for multiple missing teeth in adults. In this instance, a single dental implant is placed at the site of each missing tooth. Dental bridges can also be used to replace multiple missing teeth in adults. When replacing multiple missing teeth with a dental bridge, dental implants are strategically placed to support the bridge, rather than your natural teeth.

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